Current System Configuration

  • Two offices connected via a high-speed wireless connection for data applications
  • A local ISP is able to provide a 10MB fiber Internet connection


  • Due to their antiquated phone systems at each location, they must maintain each system separately as well as provide dial tone services to each
  • This company is located in a rural area; they don’t have access to T1 technology
  • Therefore, they must bring in their dial tone services via analog POTS lines
  • They wish to consolidate their offices under one single-image telephone system by leveraging their point-to-point wireless connection
  • They would also like to increase staff efficiencies by giving them tools to work from home
  • They require a solution that saves them money on a monthly basis as they’ve had to reduce their staff and cut costs considerably


  • Install IP phone system at main office
  • Deploy IP phones to both offices
  • Deploy IP phones to home offices equipped with broadband Internet service
  • Provision (11) SIP trunks terminated via 10MB fiber Internet connection
  • Keep (2) analog POTS lines for backup

Cost Analysis

Current monthly costs $798.79:

  • (11) POTS lines x $32.54 /month: $357.94
  • Misc. fees and taxes: $118.60
  • Outbound long distance service charge: $90.71
  • (2359) min. domestic LD x .06/minute: $141.54
  • (600) min. International LD (.15/min): $90

Proposed costs $287.16:

  • (11) SIP local trunks x $12.75 /month: $140.25
  • Misc. fees and taxes: $37.73
  • (2359) min. domestic LD x .02/minute: $47.18
  • (600) international LD x .02/minute: $12
  • (2) POTS lines x $25/month: $50

Monthly Savings: $511.63
Equipment Lease: $392.53
Savings after lease: $119.10

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