Current System Configuration

  • Two offices connected via a point-to-point T1 for network connectivity
  • Phone systems operate independently of each other and are not connected
  • Each phone system is connected to the telephone company with analog services
  • Internet comes in via a business-class DSL connection which is distributed to both offices


  • This customer wants to minimize staffing and consolidate business functions to the main office
  • They need to maintain both offices and provide a presence of the remote office to the local community
  • Their ideal solution would be to take advantage of new features (call presence, web-based admin, etc.), while saving money


  • Install IP phone system at main office
  • Deploy IP phones to both offices
  • Implement Call Assistant so receptionist can answer and transfer calls for both offices
  • Implement IP phone system conference bridge for inter-office collaboration
  • Upgrade Internet to business-grade cable
  • Eliminate all copper lines at remote office
  • Install SIP trunks for Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs), unlimited domestic long distance, and local calling

Cost Analysis

Current monthly costs $1,504:

  • (10 Analog DID Trunks x $30 per trunk: $300
  • (10) Analog Trunks x $30 per trunk: $300
  • Point-to-point T1: $400
  • Business DSL Internet: $90
  • Extended Calling and other misc. fees: $114
  • Inter-office long distance: $150
  • All other long distance: $150

Proposed monthly costs $765.94:

  • (7) SIP local trunks x $12.75: $89.25
  • (1) SIP Unlimited Domestic LD ($29.75)
  • Business-grade cable Internet: $140
  • Point-to-point T1: $400
  • Other misc. fees and taxes: $27.44
  • (20) DIDs x $1 per DID: $20
  • (3) Unlimited Long Distance SIP trunks: $89.25

Total Savings: $738.06/month
Equipment lease: $594.62/month
Savings after lease: $143.44/month

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