You don’t have to become a technology expert in order to diversify your income, provide more value to your customers, and grow your business. Partner with Access Tech to instantly gain access to the leading SD-WAN, cloud, UCaaS, voice, data, and data center solutions your customers are looking for.

At Access Tech, we specialize in building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. When you work with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Forget about quotas and simply sell what you can manage
  • White label our marketing, savings, and ROI tools for a seamless customer experience
  • Gain comprehensive sales and admin training for your staff
  • Benefit from our pre-sales support, including inventory creation and network design
  • Get back-office and post-sale support for order tracking, project management, and more
  • Deliver ongoing customer support – troubleshooting, issue resolution, and more
  • Collect residual commissions as long as your customer works with our providers*

* Commissions based on the partner’s level of administrative and project management duties.

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Trey is a rare breed of business partner that TRULY combines holistic solutions with a personal touch. He has a solid technical background, which is a huge asset when partnering on new ideas and projects. Unlike many in the industry, Trey presents well to all people with different technical abilities and understanding. Trey is definitely a ‘does what he says, and says what he does’ type of professional. I am so impressed with his ability to follow through with his commitments. That level of dedication and commitment makes this recommendation so easy to write.

Mannix Dizon
Director of IT; Oregon Public Broadcasting

Trey and the Access Technologies team played a vital role in the success of a 200 handset phone system replacement project. Trey & his team deftly aided in navigating the complicated world of telecommunication products and services. Under Trey’s leadership in the procurement of telecommunications services, that facet of our project completed on time and within budget.

Shane Boyle
City of West Linn

It’s rare to find such a seasoned, passionate group of technology experts as Trey has at Access Technologies. He has a deep-seated dedication to the success of his customers and business alliances. Each project he engages in becomes optimized either by expanding technology and efficiencies or by saving money. I highly recommend any organization to retain Access Technology.

Stephanie Millman

Trey participated in 5 signed and executed business deals between my company and another company for Data Center/Hosting/IP transit solutions since 2011.

One of the advantages of working with Trey is reviewing our options with other vendors to know we’re getting a good deal before we get too far into the sales process with multiple vendors which can really eat up a lot of time. Access Tech has helped me reduce time spent on procurement for Data Center and Internet Transit services using his connections with existing businesses in multiple markets.

Adam Gretzinger

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trey for longer than either of us would like to admit. There are plenty of things that factor into a strong working relationship. The foundation of my relationship with Trey can be summed up in a word, respect.

I have the utmost respect for Trey as a salesman, I know he always put the needs of his customers first. As a partner, I know he always presents us in the most positive and honest light to customers and prospects. As a businessman, I know he runs a sound operation based on tried and true principles and values. As a technologist, I know he’s always looking for the next big thing to help his customers and move his business forward.

Jeff Burchett

Managing your telecom expenses, let alone managing a transition to a new VoIP system, can be an overwhelming responsibility. There are so many options and details to consider. Access Tech’s commitment to excellence was revealed in the robust telecom communication inventory that they created for my organization. This document alone is the gold standard for making informed decisions in the future.

Specifically, Trey Lackey and his team are in the relationship business. He effortlessly bridged the technical gap between national telecom carriers and myself. His ability to translate my options into actionable items, gave me great confidence. I would recommend his services to any organization looking to leverage their current systems or transitioning to new telecom systems.

Bobby LaRon
Oregon Public Broadcasting

Access Tech was referred to us to help resolve issues with establishing an MPLS system through our carrier. For several months we experienced difficultly in trying to coordinate or communicate with the carrier to resolve installation and billing problems. The carrier did not follow through with their promises and we found ourselves struggling to get any information or cooperation from them. The successful completion of our project was in jeopardy.

We contracted with Access Tech to take over the coordination, communications and project management duties. Access Tech worked with the carrier to facilitate a successful project conclusion. Access Tech is highly recommended, and special thanks and recognition is due Heather Adams for her tenacity and expertise.

Ken Withey
IT Director; Skils’ Kin

Access Tech came in and gave us a voice and internet service inventory and a utilization analysis. It was exactly what I was looking for: great project management, monthly savings and a more reliable network. An excellent partner for us, we look forward to working with Access Tech as our needs arise.

Scott Gates
Operations Manager; Ride Connection

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